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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to beat the Elite Four

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The Victory Path story in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet ends within the traditional battle to show you might be, in actual fact, the very best of the very best. To do that, you will have to beat the notorious Elite 4, identical to you could have in each prior-generation recreation. As at all times, this can be a steady gauntlet of battles towards arguably the hardest trainers in all the Paldea area. If that wasn’t tough sufficient, there are two extra fights after these towards the 4. You have to a high staff at your aspect and loads of gadgets. These tricks to change into the undisputed champion in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will even show essential.

When you’ve collected all eight Gymnasium Badges, reached the Pokémon League, and accurately answered all of the questions within the evaluation check, you may start your path to changing into champion. Fortunately you’ll have the chance to heal and reorganize your staff between battles, which will probably be essential to counter a few of these robust trainers.

Observe: There will probably be spoilers for the Elite 4, in addition to the 2 Champion battles that happen after them, together with their identities and Pokémon.

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Rika information

After you arrive on the Pokémon League and cross the evaluation check, Rika would be the first member of the Elite 4 to problem you. She has a staff primarily composed of Floor-type Pokémon that’s naturally weak towards Water, Grass, and Ice-types. We might advocate together with a powerful Water-type as your main possibility right here since, as you will notice, Rika additionally has a Pokémon with Poison strikes which can be supereffective towards Grass-types. Nonetheless, maintain a Grass-type prepared for one attainable counter. Right here’s Rika’s staff:

  • Whiscash — Degree 57 (Water/Floor-type)
  • Camerupt — Degree 57 (Fireplace/Floor-type)
  • Dugtrio — Degree 57 (Floor-type)
  • Donphan — Degree 57 (Floor-type)
  • Clodsire — Degree 58 (Poison/Floor-type with Floor Terra-Kind)

Since Rika’s opening Pokémon is Water, begin out with that Grass-type we talked about bringing alongside. From there, swap to your Water-type ringer to start rinsing the remainder of her squad. Once more, swapping again to a Grass-type for her Clodsire is finest due to its Poison strikes and Water Take in capacity.

Poppy information

Poppy holding a pokeball.

To arrange in your subsequent battle towards Poppy, construct your staff round countering Metal-types primarily. Metal is principally countered by Fireplace-, Preventing-, and Floor-type Pokémon, however as soon as we go over her lineup, you’ll see that Fireplace and Floor are the very best selections. Fortunately, Poppy’s finest Pokémon doesn’t buck the development an excessive amount of to require an entire rework of your staff. Right here’s the competitors for spherical two:

  • Copperajah — Degree 58 (Metal-type)
  • Corviknight — Degree 58 (Flying/Metal-type)
  • Brozong — Degree 58 (Metal/Psychic-type)
  • Megnezone — Degree 58 (Electrical/Metal-type)
  • Tinkaton — Degree 59 (Fairy/Metal-type with Metal Terra-Kind)

The Corvinknight and Brozong are the 2 foremost explanation why Preventing will not be a very good choose for this struggle since they gained’t have the ability to do a lot of something towards them. Fireplace- and Floor-types can simply get your via to the top, however be certain that they’ve excessive sufficient protection stats that they will deal with the ultimate Tinkaton that solely makes use of bodily strikes.

Larry information

Trainer Larry just standing there.

Who would’ve guessed Larry, of all trainers, would make one other look as a member of the Elite 4. Regardless, this struggle will probably be nothing like your first. As a substitute of sticking to Regular-types, Larry has a robust staff of Flying Pokémon. Flying is weak towards Electrical-, Fireplace-, Rock-, and Dragon-types principally, however you will have a mixture right here for just a few causes. Let’s take a look at his staff first:

  • Tropius — Degree 59 (Grass/Flying-type)
  • Staraptor — Degree 59 (Regular/Flying-type)
  • Altaria — Degree 59 (Dragon/Flying-type)
  • Oricorio — Degree 59 (Electrical/Flying-type)
  • Flamigo — Degree 60 (Flying/Preventing-type with Flying Terra Kind)

As you may see, all of Larry’s Pokémon are a mixture of Flying and one other kind, which complicates issues a bit. You must use a Fireplace-type to counter his Tropius, Electrical towards Staraptor and Flamigo, Rock to take care of his Oricorio, and Dragon to beat his Altaria. One other closing good tip is that Flamigo, which makes use of solely bodily assaults, can simply be overwhelmed if in case you have a Pokémon with the transfer Counter.

Hassel information

A trainer in a suit smiling.

Should you’ve been a very good coach and attending lessons, you’ll acknowledge Hassel because the Academy artwork professor. Other than artwork, he’s prepared to provide you a lesson in ache, so it’s finest to be ready. Hassel’s Pokémon are centered on Dragon-types, which is difficult since they’re weak to Dragon-, Ice-, and Fairy-types. Nonetheless, Fairy isn’t the best choice right here, making your staff selections restricted. Right here’s what Hassel will throw at you:

  • Noivern — Degree 60 (Flying/Dragon-type)
  • Dragalge — Degree 60 (Poison/Dragon-type)
  • Haxorus — Degree 60 (Dragon-type)
  • Flapple — Degree 60 (Grass/Dragon-type)
  • Baxcalibur — Degree 61 (Dragon/Ice-type with Dragon Terra Kind)

As you may see, the Dragalge’s Poison strikes make utilizing Fairy-types towards Hassel a poor concept, however what you may’t see is that Haxorus additionally has some Metal strikes that counter Fairy too. You may safely use Fairy towards his different members, however a very good Ice-type is a strong selection for the remainder of his staff. Should you managed to get one, a Gyarados can use each Dragon- and Ice-type strikes, making it a simple choose, although not towards Dragalage resulting from it having the Thunderbolt transfer.

Prime Champion Geeta information

The pokemon champion glaring.

Issues had been already getting advanced by the top of the Elite 4, however the Champion Geeta’s staff is even worse for you since she doesn’t follow any theme for her staff. She’s compiled a roster of all types of Pokémon, which means you will have a ton of high-level Pokémon throughout most varieties to counter her. Let’s take a look at the competitors:

  • Espathra — Degree 61 (Flying/Dragon-type)
  • Avalugg — Degree 61 (Ice-type)
  • Kingambit — Degree 61 (Darkish/Metal-type)
  • Veluza — Degree 61 (Water/Psychic0-type)
  • Gogoat — Degree 61 (Grass-type)
  • Glimmora — Degree 62 (Rock/Poison-type with Rock Terra Kind)

When making ready your staff, do your finest to solely use single-type Pokémon. The 2 Pokémon right here that you’ll want to pay probably the most consideration to are Kingambit and Glimmora. Kingabit is weak towards Preventing-types, however you will have one with very excessive velocity to counter its Zen Headbutt transfer. Glimmora will begin out as Rock, which isn’t too unhealthy for one more Preventing-, Grass-, or Floor-type, however the Terra Kind turns it into pure Rock-type, so make it simple on your self and use a Grass-type.

In any other case, pack a Bug for Espathra and Veluza, Preventing for Avalugg, and a Flying-type for Gogoat.

Champion Nemona information

Nemona talking about her rival.

Beating the Champion isn’t fairly the top, is it? You at all times must have one closing, dramatic battle along with your rival. On this case, that’s Nemona, and she or he isn’t pulling any punches on this final battle. You’ll know a few of her squad by now, having fought her a pair instances already, however that is probably the most highly effective her Pokémon have ever been. Right here’s what your closing impediment to being League Champion will probably be:

  • Lycancroc — Degree 65 (Rock-type)
  • Orthworm — Degree 65 (Metal-type)
  • Goodra — Degree 65 (Dragon-type)
  • Pawmot — Degree 65 (Electrical/Preventing-type)
  • Dudunsparce — Degree 65 (Regular-type)
  • (Whichever starter counters yours) — Degree 66 (Both Grass/Darkish, Fireplace/Ghost, or Water/Preventing-type with Grass, Fireplace, or Water Terra Kind)

Fortunately Nemona’s staff is generally single-typed, so you may plan some good counters for it. Most of her staff is weak towards Floor- and Preventing-types. Lycancroc, Orthworm, and Dudunsparce all share a Preventing weak spot, for instance, however Orthworm may also be taken out by Floor and Fireplace as properly. Metal can even take care of Lycancroc, however is finest for Goodra. Should you don’t have a dependable Metal-type, Ice will work simply as properly right here. If you wish to get fancy and make the ultimate battle extra thrilling — and why wouldn’t you — then save your starter of their Terra Kind to counter Nemona’s closing Pokémon.

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